We ask that our buyers do their research.

Not every type of dog is for everyone, Doberman puppies can be very active and inquisitive,  they require lots of human interaction & play time and do not do well when left alone for long periods of time. They WILL find ways to get your attention, there are many web sites on the internet that offer excellent information on the breed, as well as the DPCC website.

 We require (2020) that ALL our puppy buyers have a fenced in yard that is secure where your new puppy can get adequate exercise along with room to play outdoors . As a puppy buyer, you will require to invest the time to take your puppy to obedience classes. We ask that our buyers keep in contact with us.  We love updates on how our puppies have grown up. We encourage you to contact us if you ever have questions about your new puppy or it’s family history. We believe in minimally vaccinating our dogs.

Please visit Dr Jean Dodds Vaccination protocol  

All puppies will be cropped & docked prior to leaving for the new homes 

We guarantee all puppies to be healthy when they leave our home.

If a puppy should fall ill due to a genetic defect within 24 months after the purchase, it will be replaced free of charge with another puppy. This will be done if/ when a veterinarian attributes death to be a genetic deformity in a necropsy report & sends the findings to us. The necropsy shall be at the owners expense.This is to assure not only ourselves but our puppy people that they are receiving a healthy puppy. All Sioul breeding stock is heath tested prior to any breeding.  All show prospect puppies will be placed on a Co-Ownership contract . 

All pet companion puppies will be spayed/neutered after the age of 36 months

All pet companion puppies will placed on a Non-Breeding contract

(this includes performance prospects as well)

Puppies are sold for 4800$ which includes their Ckc registration, 1st vaccines (Distemper & Parvo), deworming,

crops, microchips, 5 year pedigree, a 24 month health guarantee along with a lifetime breeder support!

Tia and Storm 2009